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PDU Format Converter (Encoder/Decoder) for GSM SMS. This release v1.5r9.

PDU SMS message creatorHexadecimal PDU Message Entry/DisplayResultant 7/8/16 Bit readable PDU Message
Alphabet Size 7816
Message Class
Validity (Relative)

Show User data translation (7 bit only)

SMS (Short Message Service) can contain up to 160 characters, using the 7-bits GSM default alphabet or 140 characters for an 8 bit alphabet or 70 characters for a 16 bit UCS-2 alphabet.

This current version has several specific shortcomings (and more). One of these is it doesn't attempt to deal with embedded headers at the start of messages. It isn't meant to be a replacement for a tool like pduspy

Useful References:
Technical realization of the Short Message Service 3GPP
TS 23.040 V6.5.0 (2004-09)
Alphabets and language-specific information 3GPP
TS 23.038 V6.1.0 (2004-09)
Compression algorithm for text messaging services 3GPP
TS 23.042 V5.0.0 (2002-06)
Use of DTE-DCE interface for SMS and CBS 3GPP
TS 27.005 V5.0.0 (2002-06)
AT command set for User Equipment 3GPP
TS 27.007 V6.6.0 (2004-09)
PP SMS support on mobile radio interface 3GPP
TS 24.011 V6.0.0 (2003-09)
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3GPP Specification page

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